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IFSCL.Org - Official Release

January 9, 2021 / 9:00 /

IFSCL.Org is now available!


The IFSCL Encyclopedia opens his doors on this day, January 8th! Browse more than 86 articles related to the 4.0.X cycle telling everything about the commands and procedures of this cycle. The articles for the 4.1.X cycle will come soon, and all old versions of IFSCL are planned.

You can also check the galery on the 'Learn More' page to have a global view on all the pictures made by Immudelki to promote his game! Don't hesitate to consult the FAQ if you have any questions about IFSCL!

The news section, where you are currently, will have the major news about IFSCL of course but also news from the community through the 'Community News' section.


This is only the beginning and we intend to do honor to 10 years of the IFSCL's history with IFSCL.Org.

See you soon for more news on IFSCL.Org.

Community News

January 9, 2021 / 9:00 /

News made by fans, for fans!

The community news section will have all news about fan projects of Code Lyoko. Even if IFSCL is the most known project, there's a lot of other projects or events that deserves to have a spotlight here!

So don't hesisate to consult this section regularly!