IFSCL Frequently Asked Questions

Apologies for not responding directly, but I'm receiving the question you're asking everyday for years, and I'm kinda alone on developing the game, so I don't have much time for it.
Instead of re-explaining the same thing each time, here's a detailled, pre-written answer

Immudelki, Creator of the IFSCL


  • I - Installation
  • II - Future of IFSCL
  • III - Immu's Room
  • IV - Technical Questions
  • V - Others

I - Installation

I.1 Minimum System Requirements

To run IFSCL, we recommend those minimum configurations:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
    Other versions, partially compatible with MAC and LINUX are made available through delayed release.
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB RAM
  • GPU (Graphical Card): Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
  • Storage needed to install the game: 2 GB
  • DirectX: 10 or higher
  • Input: Mouse + Keyboard

I.2 My antivirus is blocking access to the Kolossus Launcher or a IFSCL version, what can I do?

Please note that Avast can wrongly warn that the Kolossus Launcher is a virus. This is normal, you might need to deactivate Avast for a small time to execute the Kolossus a first time.

If you don't feel safe, you can check the launcher on VirusTotal to be sure there's not any virus.
The procedure to unlock the access to the Kolossus Launcher depends on your antivirus.

Here's some guides for the most common cases:

  • AVAST: 'Show hidden icons' in your taskbar. Do a right click on the AVAST icon, choose ‘Avast shields control’ and 'Disable for 10 minutes'.
  • Windows Defender: When you launch the application, choose 'More info' and 'Run anyway'.
  • On MacOS: Open your 'System Preferences', choose 'Security & Privacy' and click on the 'Open anyway' option.

The same procedure must be done on IFSCL if you have any saving problems.

I.3 My game freeze when booting up the game or pink textures appears

Those problems can have multiple origins:

  • The drivers of your graphics card is outdated, you have to update them.
  • You didn't install the package Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 (x86) or (x64)
  • You don't have the last version of .NET
  • Your GPU isn't powerful enough

Please keep in mind that IFSCL is a modern game that use technologies with a lot of resources, the game isn't made to work on a simple notebook even if Immudelki always tries to optimize the game as much as possible.

II - Future of IFSCL

II.1 When is the next version coming out and what's in it?

All of your answers about release dates and the content of future versions are in the changelog.

To navigate easily, you can use the Ctrl + F shortcut to research by keywords to quickly find what you want.

You can also check the news page and the different social medias of IFSCL to be sure you miss nothing!

II.2 Can we add our own Lyoko Warriors?

No, this isn't the goal of IFSCL which wants to be as close as possible to the interface and not to make it a customizable game, which would need a constant support and would be too complex.

II.3 Will a multiplayer mode came out?

For now, no online mode is planned.

II.4 Will we see the Evolution outfits, the Megapod, the Cortex ... in IFSCL?

No, content from Code Lyoko Evolution won't be added to IFSCL.

II.5 When will IFSCL be completed?

The game creator, Immudelki, is perfectionist about his project. Currently, it is impossible to answer precisely to this question. The only thing we can be sure about is that the developpement of the game will at least last until 2023.

II.6 The game, or some parts of the content (3D Models ...) will be made open source?

It is not planned that the entire game will be open source, especially because it uses some librairies that Immu bought which cannot be released without paying for it. For the 3D Models, it's possible but you'll have to wait until the end of developpement for it.

III - Immu's Room

III.1 What is a Immu's Room?

The Immu's Room is a special program, different in each version of the game that gives you access to some added major features for future versions. To access it, you need to enter a secret code revealed after some time after a version came out. A riddle to find the code is launched before his official release so you can see the features before anyone else.

III.2 Where to find the Immu's Room codes after their reveals?

The codes of the differents Immu's room are announced on social medias of the game when they got reveal (facebook, discord, french forum).
You can also find the old codes of the Rooms on their respective version pages of IFSCL.

IV - Technical Questions

IV.1 How is IFSCL made?

The used softwares are Adobe Flash Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D et Unity3D. If you made to know more, the game creator invite you to simply do like him, search on the internet for tutorials and learn, with time and patience, the key is perseverance.

You can also check the Lives Making Of which gives a glimpse into the work that was made.

IV.2 Why is the game made with Unity and not Unreal Engine?

It is a personal choice from the creator. Also, Unity contains technologies more adapted for IFSCL's developpement.

IV.3 How to report bugs found in IFSCL?

A bug report system is directly in the game with the 'Help' command.

IV.4 What is the 'Plugin' folder on the Kolossus Launcher?

You can collect informations directly from the game with the LyokoAPI (activation/deactivation of towers, X.A.N.A's activities, ...) to create plugins for the game. This quick access to the plugins folder is made to add easily a plugin to the game that you made or that you downloaded on the internet.

V - Others

V.1 Can I translate the game in my language?

It is currently not possible to add translations into the game because it would take a lot of time to put them and check them every versions. You have to wait for the final version (check the changelog) until you can ask your offer again. Considered translations (asked by more than 10 users): Turkish, Russian, Chinese.